bibi12 has a few Calzona lots for sale

This news from our Calzona neighbor bibi12:

“I bought like 9 lots few years ago. I love this area. Love this Can be a great retirement home or a just a place to live in Ca where government offers lots of benefits and shop in Az side where gas and food is inexpensive. Need some money for my other investments and trying to sell some. I will post few ads in the next weeks, If you can add to calzona site the Ebay item# will be great. I believe this area has great future. Water and electricity is close. If this lots can have water and electricity on the value probably will go up big time. Did some research and found out the homes in Big River just blocks from Calzona subdivision are on indian lease land. Not sure but I heard the lease will expire soon and they need to move out. That’s why some homes in Big River are low priced. Same situation I notice exist in Palm Springs area.”

Vacant Lot #17 Az-Ca Border-Walk to Colorado River No Reserve

Vacant Residential Lot Az-Ca Border-Walk to Colorado River No Reserve


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