Electronic Distancing: 12 volts apart

VIS 147B class exhibition at the Calzona Museum

This event took place on June 4th 2020. For more info:

photo of small television with electronic signal line
by Sophia Lee

VIS 147B is a course titled “Electronic Technologies for Art II,” which teaches the design of programmable microcontroller systems for creating artworks that are able to respond to complex sets of input conditions, perform algorithmic and procedural processing, and generate real time output. Professor Brett Stalbaum invites you to a virtual gallery walk-through, as the students share their projects in depth.


bibi12 has a few Calzona lots for sale

This news from our Calzona neighbor bibi12:

“I bought like 9 lots few years ago. I love this area. Love this Can be a great retirement home or a just a place to live in Ca where government offers lots of benefits and shop in Az side where gas and food is inexpensive. Need some money for my other investments and trying to sell some. I will post few ads in the next weeks, If you can add to calzona site the Ebay item# will be great. I believe this area has great future. Water and electricity is close. If this lots can have water and electricity on the value probably will go up big time. Did some research and found out the homes in Big River just blocks from Calzona subdivision are on indian lease land. Not sure but I heard the lease will expire soon and they need to move out. That’s why some homes in Big River are low priced. Same situation I notice exist in Palm Springs area.”

Vacant Lot #17 Az-Ca Border-Walk to Colorado River No Reserve

Vacant Residential Lot Az-Ca Border-Walk to Colorado River No Reserve

Augmented Calzona – Visualization of the Future

Initial Idea

International Airport Montello

This project started with an idea of how real estate values could take place in Calzona of the future. I was inspired by the International Airport of Montello to create public attractions.

A massive number of people come into the area of Calzona, but don’t get to know how great it can be in the future. However, with this technology, they can pull out their phones or head-mounted displays to scan the code (which automatically detects the unique AI-trained images) and see the foreseeing image of the planned construction in real-time rendering.

Clients who visit Calzona would be able to see the valuation of Calzona in the future and donate their money in order to claim specific estate properties.

Get Hyped Being Augmented

ar simulate1

qr code theory

This is the initial thought of my project – Augmented Calzona ( aka HackinCalzona). As a hyper-reality enthusiast, I am looking for ways that people can see what could be behind the fact via indirect viewport. Augmented Calzona was designed with the assumption that the world will soon be overwhelmed with an explosively growing population which will force people to look for new land to live on. For most humans, the reality becomes less attractive and they have to wear a half-immersive device in order to keep them away from their rough life. Calzona will then become the gathering place for those dreamers who do not have real property but virtual ideas to build in. People build stuff in the Virtual World that investors can pay for to actualize. Investors are able to use the real-time tracking technology and visualize the possible projects on the Calzona land.

Techs that Make It Possible


Two AI-trained Image Markers

The core feature of Augmented Calzona is its ability to be cross-platform. I first integrated this project into a high-altitude platform, the DJI Mobile SDK. I used the DJI Mavic quadcopter with its 4K real-time streaming camera in order to visualize the several planned constructions in the future. The co-operation gyrometer and tracking makers allow people to see the overview of the large-scale constructions. There are plenty of huge constructions in the preparation stage – Calzona Planet Airport, and, Calzona Launch Station. The obj models were built with Blender graphics modeling software. With high-res image streaming and nice looking models, I programmed with Vuforia tracking technology to let the computer trained with specific patterns of images markers accept the images streaming from an up-high drone and produce a series of mixed reality photos of the construction in the real landscape.



Raw image from drone

raw image from drone

Real-time Augmented Reality Viewport




As an ICAM  music student, I wanted to combine computer-based music making with elements in Calzona. So I decided to sample sounds in Calzona and make music with them. The samples were put into a drum machine I made with Puredata. It is named after Calzona’s first letter and its zip code 92252. Originally, I was thinking about composing a song using C92252, but then I changed my mind. I don’t want the sounds of Calzona to be limited to my creativities. I want to make my patch available to anyone so that other musicians can use sounds of Calzona to create music.


Calzona is the perfect place to sample sounds because there are no cars nor people near it. It was so quiet that I almost felt like I was in a studio. Everything is perfect in Calzona besides the weather. Sampling sounds under 106 degrees was a unique experience for me. I didn’t expect that the heat could be so exhausting that I needed to take a break every thirty minutes. Most of my samples were sampled from the objects at Calzona museum including a table, installations, and a solar panel.

The Build:

C92252 was built with Puredata. It has ten sample slots and a 16 step sequencer. My build started with the sample player which has seven inlets. The four inlets on the left control volume, sample length, start position and pitch. The three inlets on the right are responsible for triggering sample, reloading sample and reading sequencer input.

Calzona Public Library

The proposed design of the Calzona Public Library further evolves the establishment of Calzona Tech, and brings to light the possibilities of the new institution. Calzona Public Library will stand as an architectural landmark in the City of Calzona, and will hold a special place in history as the first public library in Calzona, California.

The Calzona Public Library, to be located at the heart of Calzona Tech, will be the first public library to make its appearance in the City of Calzona, California by the year 2025. This state-of-the-art design will incorporate modern and eco-friendly architecture to create the first of many buildings like this to come in the up and coming neighborhood. Featuring its solar-powered design, the Calzona Public Library design has been tentatively approved by the City of Calzona, and has surpassed all expectations in the design phase. Seasoned professional Civil Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have offered their services in seeing through the completion of this project, to be completed in the year 2025.

The Calzona Public Library will serve student needs, providing resources to accommodate over 200 computer users and study groups, with over a dozen private, noise canceling labs/rooms, and various workshops throughout the year. Other services offered include: Document printing, 3-D printing & scanning, Computer, Internet and E-book access/Tablet/Kindle checkout. Additionally, these resources will be open to the public and is anticipated to fulfill the needs of thousands of visitors, not only limited to Calzona locals, but to all across the country!

A team of highly skilled designers from the University of California, San Diego battled the Calzona heat and made a site visit to check out the location of the future library. More photos of the event to come.

Artist Statement

As a former student, Calzona Tech serves as a reminder the importance of education, and what a privilege it is to have education as an option. Looking back at my time in school, the library was a place I relied on–a place I used not only for its resources, but sometimes as a place of solace. I hope Calzona Public Library serves as those reminders and that others appreciate the place for what it is and what it represents.


Grand Opening of Calzona Metropolitan Rapid Transit

The long-awaited Calzona Metropolitan Metropolitan Rapid Transit is finally ready to open to the public in mid-June 2018!

Commissioned by the Calzona Department of Transportation, the Calzona Metro sports three main lines, with a fourth one expected to open later this year to meet the demand for reliable, fast, and easy public transportation. More expansions to come as we add more stations to accommodate the growing Calzona population and establishments.

calzona metro

Connecting monuments and institutions across the desert, the Metro services both trademark Calzonian institutions such as the Calzona Chinatown and the prestigious Calzona Technical Institute, as well as the nearby suburbs of Parker, Blythe, Lake Havasu, and even the lonely Vidal Junction! Journey times vary from 30 seconds to an hour, depending on where you wish to go.


The metro will open to fare-paying passengers at 5:00 AM on Wednesday, June 13th, 2018. Escape the desert heat and ride with Calzona Metro – reliable, quick, and most of all, air-conditioned transportation for Calzona. Please visit your local station to pick up a handy pocket map of all the metro lines, and for more information, stay tuned to Calzona Radio 88.9 FM as we continue to roll out new developments.

Calzona Data Pool


As a data enthusiast, I finally gained the chance to be the master of Calzona’s data, for which I acted as a data analyzer as well as a data generator. Specifically, I created a data visualization project to envision Calzona’s weather and humidity as well as established Calzona Attraction, a photobooth project intending to promote this desert area.

Calzona Weather Visualization

Future Calzona visitors! Wanna gain a straightforward sense of weather conditions before leaving for Calzona? The “Calzona Weather Visualization V.1.0” consists of various weather data (time, temperature, humidity, sunrise, sunset, etc.) from May 29, 2018 to June 4, 2018. Several notes to consider when viewing this project:

Y Position:  Temperature measured every 10 minutes in Celsius degrees.

Radius: Humidity measured every 10 minutes in percentage.

Sun/Moon Icon: The time of sunrise and sunset.

This is the version with normal speed.

This is the faster version. More Straightforward!

The “Calzona Weather Visualization V 2.0” is being developed, so stay tuned for the new version with more surprising features.

Calzona Attractions

Welcome to Calzona Attractions! Here you can have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take photos with our unique frame “I AM HERE Calzona”. You will then receive a printed version of four photos in a grid photo-booth format, as well as the digital file. This will be an admirable souvenir to collect, as each photo comes with a distinctive Calzona Stamp to mark your footmark. You are more than welcome to be involved in creating new data and promote Calzona desert by sharing the pictures on social media.

On June 2018, 14 visitors were luckily selected and have tested this creative facility. We are currently collecting their feedback and are working hard to enhance the interactive experience.

We are excited to launch this program in July 2018.


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Hydration: An Important Reminder for Calzona

My project for The Calzona Collective was a hydration reminder. Professor Stalbaum stressed greatly how important it was to stay hydrated for our trip. As I was part of the safety committee, I would try to scan our classmates and see if they were properly staying hydrated. After all, it did hit upwards to 105° F. Side note: We had around 10+ cases of water left! Good job on the preparation there.

I used an arduino to create the hydration reminder. It uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) that will count down to 0. Once it hits 0, it will create a loud buzzing sound using a piezo buzzer. It is operated with a button that starts the countdown. To stop the buzzer you must reset the arduino and simply press the button to initiate a new countdown. Additionally, an LED pin is lit up when the counter reaches 0. I actually initially planned for it to be an installation. I felt Calzona was a great location for such an installation. However, its practical application is definitely a bonus.

El Coyote de Calzona, or Get Out of my Huehue!

Huehuecoyotl is the Mixtec trickster god of music, dance, storytelling and male sexuality. He is often depicted in his coyote form, but has the ability to shapeshift. Huehue also has the ability to reverse and change fates, and frequently pulls pranks on humans–which often backfired on him in humorous ways.

In Calzona, HueHue manifested as El Coyote de Calzona, a sculptural piece made of moist, hard wood. His form was carved and lacquered by bisexual/pansexual hands using an angle grinder, chainsaw, saw mill, and a rotary tool. This seemed appropriate because Huehuecoyotl is known to have sexual and romantic encounters with others regardless of gender or species.