Plastic Garden


on the desert, what we can build and what desert need? So I create green, a plastic garden on my site.The idea of sculpture are based by both data visualization and recycle and  the concept of project- whether doing event or touring , can we have more ways to leave or dispose trash.But, what kind of material I can use when we trash most on desert? As name of project, It will be made by plastic. But where does plastic from? Finally, I think the recycled bottle can be my material after we drink inside of water As similarly, human society use plastic bottle to store water and cactus use its highly-modified leaves to conserve water.As the same time,some of them’s appearance would base on the average precipitation of local area.So,the heights of first three plants was based on most 3 months of local average precipitation in one year.

I make more types of plants that make my site to be a various garden on the desert.How make the end of project that still let me considering? abandon or recycle them as normal trash. Or pick up  them to do more things as promoting my idea.



Wenhao Gu


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