A Night at The Calzona Museum

A Night at The Calzona Museum looks at what it means to be able to rent out space. AirBnB is a website that allows it’s users to lease out parts of their own property to others for temporary stays. However, is this still possible in a land where infrastructure doesn’t exist? Can you create a market for space where there is none? The answer is, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, depending on who you ask, yes.

Calzona Museum AirBnB Listing

You can book your stay today at the Calzona Museum and experience all that Calzona has to offer! Even just by creating this space, people have messaged me their interest in renting it out despite having no pictures of the actual location.

“Enjoy your stay at the newly renovated Calzona Art Museum! Right outside we have an Animal House for your pets to stay in if it feels to crowded. An Uber station is also walking distance away, making it convenient for you to travel to neighboring cities! A couple blocks down is also Calzona’s very own China Town! Experience the spirit and culture of China in your back yard! Remember to bring your own water as we don’t have running water out here at Calzona!”

Book Today!


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