Announce: Calzona Museum inaugural June 2nd 2018

The Calzona Museum will be inaugurated during an invite only art and performance event on June 2nd, 2018. The mission of the museum is serve as a forum for the growing Calzona California arts community, and to desert artists at large as a host site for projects and experiments. A particular focus of the museum is that the desert is something, not nothing. The museum is particularly interested in media, computing, experimental uses of electricity and geography, and studies in sustainable environmental art practices.

Inaugural Performance

Max Herman grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota and attended public schools there. He received a BA in English from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MA in English from Syracuse University. He worked on various internet-based art and writing projects from 1998-2008, including the confrontational Genius 2000 project. He now lives and works in Minneapolis and is focused on off-line writing and performance projects.

architectural cutaway
Contemplates, illustrates, encourages

Solstizio Calvino” invokes Italo Calvino’s unfinished chapter “Consistency” from the 1985 book “Six Memos for the Next Millennium.” The last memo exists only as the title: “Consistency.” Herman’s performance contemplates the value of this missing chapter for human expression in the third millennium, illustrates its network implications across fields, and encourages participants to experience that principle as the common experience of shared perception, expression, architecture, literature, and place. The piece will also seek to provide a gestalt appreciation of mindfulness as an aesthetic mode shared by all in common which heightens the brain’s capacity to perceive and express free and shared connections. The work of the Human Connectome Project at the University of Minnesota will be referenced as a layer to illustrate the connections between mindfulness practice and the brain structures that facilitate the inner networks of cognition including topics such as the Default Mode Network, interoception, fear extinction, and the Connectome project.

Time: sometime in the evening June 2nd 2K18, Calzona Museum, Calzona CA.

Max Herman headshot
Max Herman

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