Calzona Public Library

The proposed design of the Calzona Public Library further evolves the establishment of Calzona Tech, and brings to light the possibilities of the new institution. Calzona Public Library will stand as an architectural landmark in the City of Calzona, and will hold a special place in history as the first public library in Calzona, California.

The Calzona Public Library, to be located at the heart of Calzona Tech, will be the first public library to make its appearance in the City of Calzona, California by the year 2025. This state-of-the-art design will incorporate modern and eco-friendly architecture to create the first of many buildings like this to come in the up and coming neighborhood. Featuring its solar-powered design, the Calzona Public Library design has been tentatively approved by the City of Calzona, and has surpassed all expectations in the design phase. Seasoned professional Civil Engineers at the University of California, San Diego have offered their services in seeing through the completion of this project, to be completed in the year 2025.

The Calzona Public Library will serve student needs, providing resources to accommodate over 200 computer users and study groups, with over a dozen private, noise canceling labs/rooms, and various workshops throughout the year. Other services offered include: Document printing, 3-D printing & scanning, Computer, Internet and E-book access/Tablet/Kindle checkout. Additionally, these resources will be open to the public and is anticipated to fulfill the needs of thousands of visitors, not only limited to Calzona locals, but to all across the country!

A team of highly skilled designers from the University of California, San Diego battled the Calzona heat and made a site visit to check out the location of the future library. More photos of the event to come.

Artist Statement

As a former student, Calzona Tech serves as a reminder the importance of education, and what a privilege it is to have education as an option. Looking back at my time in school, the library was a place I relied on–a place I used not only for its resources, but sometimes as a place of solace. I hope Calzona Public Library serves as those reminders and that others appreciate the place for what it is and what it represents.



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