Micro Plots


For my individual contribution to the Calzona Collective site, I created a mini terrarium enclosure, a micro-plot of the land. This miniature self-contained unit of land will be the first of many—with each to added upon later follow-up visits to the site.


In making this terrarium I wanted to highlight the characteristic details that  make up of the land around the Calzona area. I decided to make my project a bit investigative; rather then bringing out pre-fabricated and assembled materials to the site, I decided to go with a bit more subtle approach. I would only take my containers and photography equipment out to the site, and I would look around the desert site to acquire materials that I would use to building my miniatures. For about an hour or so I walked within a few hundred yards of the site, finding an assortment of thrown away objects that I would use. By using objects that I found I wanted to give my project the little details that made up the particular characteristics of Calzona. After gathering these materials I spent the next bit of time collecting the different types (colors) or dirts that I could find. Using all of these found objects I then created my miniature Calzona plot, this one left at the site for instance is a mini-trailer made of wood, shotgun casings, and discarded wrappers. And in true Calzona fashion, several of the future micro-plots will be named, divided, and sold on eBay.




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