Uber Station

This art installation located in the deserted area of Calzona in California, consists of a pole and a bench representing a pick up and drop off location for Uber passengers.


This piece illustrates the desolation and lack of transportation of some areas in California where people reside. It becomes a symbol of connection with the rest of the world and a representative sign of the implementation of technology in art and in the environment as a it portrays how new mobile phone virtual applications, like Uber, are changing physical environments and the way society functions. The intention is to make the viewer doubt about the potential of such a strong and sophisticated network on penetrating such a remote area of the country. In addition, the choice of materials and colors for the installation were very simple in order to promote the complexity of the invisible and impalpable of such life changing movie phone applications.


Also, the art installation promotes the colonialism of Uber by including a promotional code (7np4wdtuue) written on the pole that can be redeemed as $20 credit cash for Uber rides.




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