Good Morning Calzona- YOUR local radio talk show

Hi friends! It’s CRuSHFaCe, dubstep/metal artist and host of Good Morning Calzona. Are you looking for timely and unbiased local news? Maybe you’d like to hear great original music hand-crafted by local artists. Tune in to Good Morning Calzona for quality news, local events, and great music weekdays from 8 to 9 AM, only at 88.9 FM. Can’t tune in? You can listen any time by tuning in to the station whenever you like. It’s the only show and will repeat for all of eternity- broadcasting live every time. In todays episode, we discuss the new projects being developed in Calzona, including a new Visitors Center and revolutionary modular hotel. Plus, two local musicians (one of them myself) debut brand new songs honoring our homeland.


As the only employee of Calzona Radio, I implore anyone who is able to apply for a job at the radio station. I desperately need a cohost, as the station broadcasts 24/7 and so I am only able to sleep while the songs play and during long answers to interview questions. Please submit your resume and a brief letter explaining why you are interested in working at Calzona Radio to


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