Up and Coming Calzona

Calzona, California is a city with blooming opportunity.  Slowly Calzona has been growing into a promising town. The ‘Up and Coming Calzona’ booklet takes a prediction at all the businesses that will soon come into Calonza to aid in its rising and forming into a town.

The tourist gaze transforms locations around the world with expectations of various visitors, and in turn changing the location from what it was into a whole new site. This booklet is envisioned to be found within the town of Calzona as well as neighboring cities like Parker, Arizona. Whether it be in local shopping centers or next to the free paper, it should be relatively each to locate a copy.

Up and Coming Calzona

Within the booklet the viewer can find various business ads that if really existed would allow Calzona to really come to life and attract new residents. Playing off the idea of make belief, there are business ads for Parker businesses as well which trick the viewer into thinking that Calzona is already in the works and prospering.  Booklet’s goal is to showcase a Calzona that would have been already gentrified and established.



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