Happen & Happenstance

Whenever something happens, it might be coincidental, and it might not be. In the world of remixing existing songs to create new ones, the appropriated songs have attribute of happen and happenstance at the same time. They were created by someone else, yet they ended up at the mixing console of the artist, by chance. The creation of such a song is a very reflective process in which the artist is forced to think of the deeper meaning of recontexualization of existing songs and the merge of them in order to create meaningful piece.

The protagonist in this short film took a long thought of the notion of putting something into a different context half randomly and half deliberately. He picked a CD from his collection of Japanese Jazz-Hip Pop music CDs and selected one song from the CD he picked. It happened to be the early production form the late artist Nujabes based in Tokyo, Japan. He then went to find all the samples used in the song and mapped them on to his mixer and tried few times at his house.

And into the low desert of Calzona. It is surely one of those random places that come across the mind. What does it mean just to go there? What does it mean to bring a certain piece of music which has nothing to do with the place over there? What does it mean to physically carry the idea and melodies than the consisted of the song and play it there? The solitary journey, the vast desert, and the song from far far away. Check the video “Happen and Happenstance”.

The link to the video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVce60JR4pI


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