The Miniature of Calzona & Drone View

Not everyone wants to spend five hours to arrive Calzona, but my friends and I did. What I saw in Calzona was that many talented artists have put their efforts in this place. Their projects made Calzona looks so real and so energetic.  So, I decided to do something to make this place more attractable.

My project’s name is “The Miniature of Calzona,” This is an architectural model that genuinely reproduces the details of Calzona. Every project in Calzona is correctly placed in my model. And every project is reproduced by the same way but on a smaller scale. Standing in front of my completed project, I do think there are many potentials in Calzona. I can imagine that there will be a path connects The Chinatown and The art gallery. Or maybe there will be a vendor machine stands aside from the Uber station. I am so glad my classmates who brought so many bright ideas for developing Calzona in this quarter. And The Calzona project needs more and more talented artists to join in.   If you don’t have time to visit Calzona Calzona looks like, my project would give you a rough sketch.

I also provide a video link which leads you a drone view of current Calzona.












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