Calzona Cult: The Apex of Daedalus

A new discovery has been made in regards to Calzona’s rich history.  A documentation of a cult-like group called “The Apex of Daedalus” was recently unearthed.  The documentation is an ancient book written in a cryptic transcript.  The each complex symbol of the transcript correlates to an English letter and it is possible to decipher the text with enough time.  The book divulges the origins of “The Apex of Daedalus” as well as the standards each member must uphold.  “The Apex of Daedalus” was formed by “Creator Etris” after allegedly inheriting the soul of Daedalus.  Etris began sharing his knowledge and creativity with several others; however, as more sought his teachings “The Apex” was formed.  Using Calzona as a base of operations, “The Apex” began to raise creatives to send into the world.  Each member is deemed an apostle.  Illustrations of magic circles and pentagrams reveals that the cult practices some form of black magic and rituals to transfer creative energy to specific dolls.

Currently, the book is the only evidence of “The Apex of Dadealus”.  Since the book was dug up in Calzona, there may be more evidence to discover.  It is possible to find other evidence such as the antique dolls used in their rituals or artifacts created by the apostles.  By searching for evidence, it is possible to expand upon the history of Calzona.


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