Toys for Calzona Tech Campus

Wonderful little toys have been crafted for and left at Calzona Tech campus. These tiles of plexiglass and glued on neodymium magnets have been left behind for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors to tinker with. These toys act as reusable materials for community fun and building in which people can toy with form, color, and light in the hot hot desert as they learn (and suffer).

Individual tiles in the set were cut in vector designs shown below:

3x3Tiles copy

The laser cutter can be seen in action here.

Separated tiles are shown below as well as some of the first community structures created with the toys:

DSC09524DSC09531DSC09540DSC09536DSC09549 The tiles contribute to the shape of Calzona and Calzona Tech as a place in the middle of the desert, and in turn, the desert, through sun and wind, shapes the form of the toy tiles, which are also shaped by the hands of the community.





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