El Coyote de Calzona, or Get Out of my Huehue!

Huehuecoyotl is the Mixtec trickster god of music, dance, storytelling and male sexuality. He is often depicted in his coyote form, but has the ability to shapeshift. Huehue also has the ability to reverse and change fates, and frequently pulls pranks on humans–which often backfired on him in humorous ways.

In Calzona, HueHue manifested as El Coyote de Calzona, a sculptural piece made of moist, hard wood. His form was carved and lacquered by bisexual/pansexual hands using an angle grinder, chainsaw, saw mill, and a rotary tool. This seemed appropriate because Huehuecoyotl is known to have sexual and romantic encounters with others regardless of gender or species.




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