Hydration: An Important Reminder for Calzona

My project for The Calzona Collective was a hydration reminder. Professor Stalbaum stressed greatly how important it was to stay hydrated for our trip. As I was part of the safety committee, I would try to scan our classmates and see if they were properly staying hydrated. After all, it did hit upwards to 105° F. Side note: We had around 10+ cases of water left! Good job on the preparation there.

I used an arduino to create the hydration reminder. It uses a liquid crystal display (LCD) that will count down to 0. Once it hits 0, it will create a loud buzzing sound using a piezo buzzer. It is operated with a button that starts the countdown. To stop the buzzer you must reset the arduino and simply press the button to initiate a new countdown. Additionally, an LED pin is lit up when the counter reaches 0. I actually initially planned for it to be an installation. I felt Calzona was a great location for such an installation. However, its practical application is definitely a bonus.


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